What to Expect from ISO 9001:2030

The vote to skip the revision of ISO 9001:2015 at this time was taken by a narrow margin. The survey’s purpose was not only to identify users’ view on the current version of the standard but also to gather ideas as to what should change. The input of users and industry associations as well as the discussions with other influential quality professionals has lead us to expect the following changes in ISO 9001:2030:

Integration of emerging technologies, including the rapid increase in digitization and the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in automated decision marking

Inclusion of ethics and integrity and alignment with company decisions, actions and interactions with stakeholders

Expansion of the concept of customer satisfaction to become the entire customer experience

Renewed focus on quality assurance (this could also lead to increased customer pressure to get ISO 9001 certified, a development that ISO would certainly appreciate)

Clarifications for service providers and strengthening service requirements (some even suggest a separate standard for services)

Further clarifications that the QMS is an integral part of the business processes

After maintaining the status-quo of ISO 9001 for 15 years, it is quite possible that the 2030 revision will contain some major changes. On the other hand, the mandated high level structure limits the possible innovation.


Certification Body of Systems. Covid-19 Update

At CBS we are committed to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of our staff and clients in these unprecedented times and are continuing to monitor the advice given by the Government and the state bodies daily. CBS remains open for business and we are doing all we can to provide our clients with the best possible service.

We hope that you, your families and colleagues are all safe and well during this COVID-19 pandemic. It is a very uncertain, challenging and testing time, and we along with everyone else are concentrating on trying to maintain a little normality whilst keeping business functioning.

It has become apparent that individual organisation and government policies on the restriction of travel and the need to protect the health and safety of individuals mean that CBS cannot continue our assessments in their traditional form on-site. Our Business Continuity Plans have now been implemented and are operating effectively. As a result, we are currently able to support our clients from CBS Office with many staff working from home. All staff, including those who are working from home are still accessible via their usual telephone numbers and e-mail. They also have full access to all our Business Systems so you shouldn’t experience any change in customer service.

Certification Services

We are committed to maintaining your Certification whilst ensuring the safety of your staff and our assessment team.

It remains important that the trust and confidence that certification provides to the marketplace is not unduly diminished during these challenging times and continues to provide an appropriate level of trust and confidence to the marketplace.

We understand that maintaining your Certification is critical for high level business management and your ability to serve your customers. The COVID-19 situation requires some deviation from normal practices, and we would like to outline the actions you can take to ensure that your certification can continue and audits, if scheduled, can go ahead.

CBS will be conducting all our assessments remotely, where it is feasible to do so. This will be the case until at least 31st December 2020. This duration will be subject to ongoing review and may be updated as the situation develops.

In the main, remote assessments will be conducted via web-meetings, remote document review and remote viewing of live streams for witnessing of certified activities.

This will enable CBS to ensure the continued certification of its existing clients and aid your continued business activities.

Preparing for a Remote Audit

  • Our Assessors are equipped with laptops & full access to Certification Europe’s systems and a range of tools including Video Conferencing.
  • Your Assessor will contact you in advance of your audit to discuss how best to conduct communications with you and/or your team.

There are a couple of actions that you should take to ensure that the audit can take place effectively; these should also form part of your own Business Continuity planning in order to help ensure your business can continue to run smoothly:

  • Ensure that key staff who will need to interact with the Auditor have access to laptops in case they need to work from home.
  • Ensure that all Management Systems documentation are available in digital format to the relevant staff members, even when they are not in the office.

Waste Enforcement Services

Our Regional and National Waste Enforcement Services both continue to operate at full capacity to deliver our Clients’ requirements in line with current national and international best practice. Our officers are focusing on remote delivery of inspections and audits as set out in the National Targets, while also continuing our “field-based” enforcement activities to ensure the ongoing prevention of environmental pollution and serious environmental crime. Environmental complaints continue to be processed by our officers with the intention of following up with these safely to the furthest extent possible, which will mean closing as many of these as possible to prevent any future backlog.

We are in continued communication with our national and overseas counterparts in both the normal operational/intelligence-sharing capacity, while also sharing ideas for ongoing enforcement efficiencies while keeping staff, clients and other stakeholders safe during these challenging and restricted times.

Professional & Technical Services

The delivery of our technical client services remains unaffected during the current Covid19 pandemic. Our team continue to work remotely delivering existing services, meanwhile, we will continue to work with you on the development of your specialist and technical services to ensure that these are ready to be implemented in the future.

We value you and your business, and we look forward to meeting you again in person and in the interim, meeting you virtually to support your business needs.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.