Tracking of Certificates

  • You can use the Tracking of Certificates for:

Certified organisations:

Organisations that have been independently certified or inspected by a CBS accredited body and been issued with an authentic certificate.

Certified personnel:

Personnel organisations that have been independently certified by a CBS accredited body.
 We keep the registry as up-to-date as possible. In keeping the register, however, we depend on information supplied by accredited bodies that have been inspected or certified. We do not change or modify the information provided.

Can’t find an organisation or person on the register?

This means they:

  1. Do not hold an authentic CBS accredited certificate
  2. Have not yet been added to the register (until they are you should not count on the validity).

Do you have a copy of what appears to be a CBS accredited certificate but cannot find it on the register?

It could be the certificate is fraudulent. In this case:

  1. Contact the certification or inspection body direct to discuss the matter (in the first instance).
  2. Send CBS a copy of the certificate for our inspection.